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Do you feel it too?



Duration: 3:02 minutes


​​​​Floating and exaggerated spaces, where there is nowhere, but still remaining in contact with their outdoor spaces. We are alive in these places, free from borders and limitations, away from everyday life, as it should be. "As an immigrant, I once felt the vast distances that stretched between my family and friends. Yet, beneath the surface, beneath the weight of longing, a different truth emerged. In the depths of being looked down upon, in the shared struggle, a peculiar closeness appeared. We, disparate souls bound by a common plight, found solace in our shared pain. In the crucible of adversity, our hearts drew near, weaving a tapestry of resilience, stitching us together in a bond that defied the physical chasm, uniting us in spirit, forging an unbreakable kinship through the crucible of our shared trials."

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