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Parallel Vienna 2020, video installation 'Passing'

Rundgang, photo installation, Academy of Fine art, Vienna, Austria2019

Parallel Vienna, photo installation, Vienna, Austria 2019

Rundgang, video installation, Academy of fine art 2018 Vienna, Austria

​group exhibition video and video installation Mohsen gallery 2015 Tehran, Iran​

Tehran Expo photography (selected work). October 2013. Tehran, Iran

Group exhibition, “Woman in Frame” Asar Gallery. March 2013, Tehran, Iran

Dorbin net (selected work) photography, September 2012, Tehran, Iran

Group exhibition, photo installation, Aban Gallery. February 2011, Mashhad, Iran

Photography Group exhibition, Behzad Gallery. October 2009, Tehran, Iran

Painting Group exhibition, Behzad Gallery. July 2008, Tehran, Iran

Photography Competition of Alzahra University (second place)”shadow” winter semester 2007

Painting exhibition, Tamashagahe Raaz, 2007 May

Painting exhibition  of Alzahra University (top students) 2006/2008

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